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-STAGE 1- (Prior to shoot) 
Your Photo Shoot begins with speaking with either Javier (Photographer) or the Pin Up Consultant, this helps you "The Model", open a line of communication with the "I am a pin up model" team so that your personal needs and goals for the photo shoot are noted, and properly prepared for. Within this stage you will decide which one of the many packages offered will best suit you, along with setting a photo shoot date.

-STAGE 2- (Prior to shoot)
This stage is the preparation stage it includes continuous open contact with our consultant to answer any questions regarding specific posing, wardrobe selection, props, to refer you to tutorials on how to pose, or to make specific requests including hairstyle requests to ensure that you are properly prepared. Our consultant is available to assist in wardrobe selection outside of the shoot day if needed, we strongly encourage communication between the model and iamapinupmodel team, from STAGE 1 throughout the entire photo shoot, this will ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with your experience.

-STAGE 3- (Prior to shoot)
During this stage the photographer along with the make-up and hair stylist will analyze all of the requests made by you along with any notes taken during the initial conversation and setting of the appointment, to become familiar with what needs are to be met and to make all accommodations and reservations (if location shoot), as needed.

This is where the transformation begins! You "The Model", will be treated as a true pin-up diva, it begins with a meet and greet, you will meet the photographer, and the consultant this is a perfect chance for you to become familiar and comfortable with your team.

After being in contact with our consultant you may already know what hair style you will be sporting for the shoot. If this is not true in your case than before the style is began the hairstylist will inform you and at times hand you a photo example of the hair style so you know what to expect. Some accessories may be used ie: bobby pins, bandanas, and flowers etc.

Now that you have your 50's hairstyle the make-up application begins. All make-up that is applied is hypo-allergenic for your comfort. There are dozens of color pallets for the artist to choose from, the decision of colors that will be used for your particular shoot may have already been decided, however you may take the opportunity to make requests at this point as well, it is important that the photographer is always included in the color decisions, so there is constant communication between the make-up artist and photographer. It is important for "The Model" and the team to work together to capture you as your ideal pinup look!

Now that you have been pampered and become comfortable with your team, it is time to get dressed, the wardrobe changes have been decided upon in STAGE 2 so all you need to do here is change, the consultant is there to help with any specifics of the wardrobe such as accessories, folding, buttons, tying or zipping.

-STAGE 5- 
The "inner betty" in you has been dying to come out, so this is the stage where our Pin-Up Model can really let loose and have fun, your comfort with "I am a pin up model" is our number one priority and we make sure that you are never just left in the spot light without guidance. Our modeling consultant is there to make sure that your pose is perfect and compliments you and the overall photo.

CONGRATULATIONS! The final stage is complete and you are now a PINUP MODEL!
feel free to ask any questions during and/or after the shoot.